EFC Evaluation Questions

The goal of this evaluation is to make improvements to our conference. Your honest and constructive input will help us make changes to meet the needs of the participants.

* 1. How satisfied were you with the registration process?

* 2. Did you feel the length of the conference sessions--one hour--was too long, just about right or too short?

* 3. The after-hours networking "socials" improve the conference and my desire to attend.

* 4. What would you like to see, if anything, different regarding the after-hours "socials"?

* 5. Do you prefer Keynote Speakers at meals or leaving that time to network, or a mixture of both?

* 6. Which speakers/presentations did you like the best?

* 7. Which speakers/presentations could have been better? Please elaborate.

* 8. Were Hot Shop table presentations:

* 9. What Hot Shop topics would you like to see in the future?

* 10. Rate the most important reason you attend the conference.

  Most important reason Somewhat important reason Not an important reason, but a side bonus Not a reason at all.
Interaction with vendors
Interaction with other conference attendees
Breakout session topics
Keynote speakers

* 11. What did you like most about the conference?

* 12. What did you like least about the conference?

* 13. What session topics would you like to see included at future conferences?

* 14. Would you recommend this conference to others?

* 15. How would you rate this conference compared to other conferences of this type that you have attended?

* 16. Do you plan to attend this conference again next year?

* 17. What might help enable/incentivize you or your organization to send additional staff to this event in the future?

* 18. In what ways could this conference be improved?

* 19. How satisfied were you overall with the conference facilities?

The following questions are designed to help us determine future session topics.

* 20. What facility-related challenges do you currently face on your job?

* 21. What activity takes up the most time in your average work day?

* 22. Is May the best month for you to attend a conference? If not, what month would be better?