1. Conference Registration

District teams are invited to participate in regional professional learning opportunity focused on educator effectiveness. Collaborative teams of teachers and administrators will learn about the five elements required in all evaluation systems. Training will support teams in understanding educator standards, using data to set goals, learn about best practices for evaluation systems, and provide team-time with coaching from pilot districts and partners.

Team Members could include:
-District Administrator
-OEA Representative
-Building Administrator
-Local Board Member
-Human Resources Person
-ESD Representative

Regional trainings will be offered in two rounds, the second building on the first and responding to the specific needs of participating districts. Please consider registering for ROUND 1 and ROUND 2 to provide your team with comprehensive support.

You will recieve a confirmation email with more details about the specific location of these trainings after you register. Confirmations will be sent out in groups and will not be immediate.

* 1. Participant Registration:

Teams of three (3) or more are encouraged to attend. Each participant must be registered separately.