Introduction and Demographics

Thank you for requesting an EDP consult. Please note consults are addressed on a first come basis. Consults require advance planning. Please see the list below and the proposed time line.

EDP Curriculum design and evaluation - 1 month
EDP Educator peer review and coaching - 1 month
EDP Medical educational research project - 1 month
EDP Workshop request - 3 months
EDP RATL – Residents as Teachers and Leaders - 1-2 months
EDP Educator career mentoring session - 1 month
EDP Development of enduring educational materials - 1 month
EDP Scholars track - annual selection (See detail description below.)

* 1. Person requesting the EDP consult

* 2. I am a:

* 3. Is this the first time you have requested EDP services?

* 4. How did you learn about the EDP consult services?