Survey Purpose:
The purpose of this 15-minute survey is to improve the EDI Fund's grantmaking process from start to finish, with a specific focus on racial equity. Survey questions come from staff conversations with various community-based organizations in Seattle about how to take a more equitable approach to grantmaking. See the EDI's website more background on this survey, as well as a comprehensive report on racial justice-oriented grantmaking that also informed this survey. 

Ideas and input from communities are integral to this work. Whether you are an EDI Fund Grantee or have never applied to EDI, please share your thoughts on how the EDI Fund should be structured in future funding cycles. 

All responses are anonymous, and you may decline to answer any question.
Thank you for your time and input! 

Privacy Notice:
The information that you provide below will be collected by a third party to ensure anonymity. A summary of the information will be provided only to the City of Seattle's Office of Planning and Community Development (OPCD), and no other entities. The summarized information the City receives will become part of a record that is subject to public disclosure. OPCD will not publish the summarized information but is legally bound to provide it upon request. For more information, see the Public Records Act, RCW Chapter 42.56. To learn more about how the City manages your information, see the City's Privacy Statement at http://www.seattle.gov/privacy.