What is this survey about?
This survey aims to capture what researchers across the globe think about the role of peer review in maintaining research integrity. It is being conducted by Editage and Researcher.Life as part of the Peer Review Week 2022 celebrations. Peer Review Week 2022 will be held from September 19 through 23 this year, and the theme is “Research integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research.”
The responses received will be analyzed and the overall results shared with the scholarly community through reports, blog posts, etc.
Some questions allow for free-text responses. Feel free to use these as opportunities to share views and experiences related to peer review!
This survey will take you around 10 min to complete.
Why should you take this survey?
·         To share your views on the different threats to research integrity and the role of peer review in flagging and addressing them effectively
·         To discuss ideas on how peer review can be improved to better tackle breach of research and publication ethics
·         To share your perspective on this theme with journal editors, publishers, and research organizations

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