In 2012, several institutions participated to a research survey launched by the Committee on Local and Regional Democracy (CDLR) of the Council of Europe in preparation of the conference on “Removing Obstacles and Promoting Good Practices on Cross-border Cooperation”. In 2014, a follow-up questionnaire was diffused and its results, along with the ones of the first survey, led to the implementation of EDEN - E-DATABASE EMPOWERING NETWORK, an online toolkit for Cross-Border Cooperation elaborated by the Council of Europe and available on the website

New case studies are regularly collected. As per today, in 2020, the EDEN database contains more than 650 case studies and 60 contributors.

EDEN is constantly striving for an advanced user-friendly experience which increases search functionalities and interoperability between case studies and contributors.

The Council of Europe is now expanding and updating EDEN aiming to offer CBC stakeholders, practitioners and experts the largest European database and sharing platform on CBC.

It is in this spirit that we kindly ask you to answer this questionnaire in all its sections. In order to do so, you might find useful to consult the Cross-border Co-operation toolkit prepared by Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform.
The Council of Europe counts on your input and commitment to the EDEN project and thanks you for your precious collaboration.
All replies will be treated in a confidential way according to the policy of the Council of Europe. Respondents authorise the Council of Europe to use the information provided for the implementation of the E-DEN website. The information will thus will be accessible to the public for non commercial purposes.