* 1. What is the name of your company?

* 2. Please choose up to three factors that are most likely to have a major impact on your establishment's profits during the next two years.

* 3. Do you feel that your competitors are:

* 4. Do you expect next year's sales to be higher, lower, or the same as last year's sales?

* 5. What is the nature that best describes your business?

* 6. How satisfied are you with the current location of this business in Center? Would you say that you are:

* 7. Why are you dissatisfied with your current location in Center?

* 8. Does the owner of this building own or lease the facility?

* 9. Do you anticipate any problems renewing the lease?

* 10. Are you able to secure sufficient capital through a local finance institution whenever you need it?

* 11. Are you planning on any capital investment in the next two years? Capital investment, for this purpose, is an investment greater than $100,000.

* 12. Choose up to three of the most critical areas which your business has planned to focus on within the next two years in order to remain competitive.

* 13. What are your current business plans for the next year?

* 14. What would have to happen to encourage or make you expand your existing business?

* 15. If you do plan to expand, where would that expansion take place?

* 16. What do you think is a strength and what is a weakness when considering remaining, expanding or relocating to the city of Center?

  Strength Weakness Does not apply
Skilled Workers
Labor Availability
Labor Cost
Land space and Availability
City Permit Processq
Utilities Cost
Utilities Reliability
Market Access
Supply Access
State Taxes
Local Taxes
Quality of Life
Quality of Schools/Education Opportunities
Housing Availability
City Incentives

* 17. Fill in the blank. Other businesses or industries may be attracted to locate to Center because of _______.

* 18. Fill in the blank. Other businesses or industries may stay away from Center because of _______.

* 19. Is your company considering expanding in this area within the next two years?

* 20. If yes, what kind of expansion? Please choose all that apply.

* 21. What is the most significant barrier to expansion of this business? Please choose all that apply.

* 22. Are you currently considering moving or relocating your business within the next two years?

* 23. If yes or not sure, please select why you would relocate. Please choose all that apply.

* 24. Within the next two years, do you plan to close this business?

* 25. If the answer is yes, please list the reasons for closing the business. Please choose all that apply.

* 26. Over the next two years, do you expect your company's employment level to increase, decrease, or remain the same?

* 27. If the level of employment or staffing has changed, or is expected to change, why has it increased or decreased? Please choose all that apply.

* 28. Does your company experience any difficulty recruiting and/or retaining employees?

* 29. What skills need to be developed or are lacking in employees in your business? Please choose all that apply.

* 30. Would you ever consider participating in one of the following programs?

  Yes No  Not sure
Employee job training
Adult education programs
Vocational classroom training
School to work programs
Business Improvement Grant (e.g. Building, Facade, Landscaping)

* 31. What training programs would you like to see offered in Center that are not currently available?

* 32. Are the services and facilities within the community adequate for local business needs?

  Adequate Not adequate Not relevant
Roads and streets
Air services
Rail services
Public transportation
Street cleaning
Solid waste collection
Police protection
Fire protection
Local banks
Internet connection
Business incentives
Parks and open space

* 33. How do you view the overall response of local government to your business need?

* 34. In your opinion, does the City of Center take an adequate role in business and economic development in the community?

* 35. What are the greatest assets of the Center economy? What does Center do better than anyone else?

* 36. Please list other types of businesses you would like to see locate to Center that would directly help your business. For example, suppliers or services for your business.

* 37. Please list other types of businesses you would like to see locate to Center which would make the city a better place to live.

* 38. Is there anything else you would like to mention?

* 39. If you would like to receive more information from the City of Center, please type your email address below.

* 40. The Center EDC recently created two new programs.  One is to help entrepreneurs start or grow a business and the other is to help with buildings, facades, and landscaping.  Would you like to receive more information on these programs?