Learning Health Index (LHI)

Learning Health Index (LHI) 2021 Survey aims to identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improving learning health within organizations. LHI scores would help benchmark the organization vis-a-vis its comparators. 

The LHI is based on a framework built on eight primary dimensions of learning that contribute to an organization’s learning health. The framework includes a self-assessment tool built from an HR and L&D practitioner's point of view, covering key aspects that define a healthy learning organization. 

 Hacks for the Health Check
About the survey: 
  1. This survey consists of 35 Questions and will take approximately 15-20 mins to complete.
  2. Section A has 10 questions which will help us get to know you and your organization better.
  3. Section B has 24 questions based on the Learning Health Index. For each question, select the response which best describes your organization.
  4. Section C has a matrix question on some trends emerging in the learning ecosystem. For trends please select the response which best describes the current state of learning in your organization.
Filling the survey:
  1. Click on the radio button to select a particular response
  2. You are free to move between pages to change a previous response if required.
  3. When you click on the Next button at the bottom of the page, your responses will automatically be saved.
  4. The tool will also allow you to return to the survey at a later point in time to complete your submission, if required.
  5. Responses can not be changed post submission.
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