Africa Centre for Integrity & Anti-Corruption Studies (ACACIA) is a research, training and consulting bureau of advisory services established in 2013 under the Africa Challenge Foundation AFRICAF. 

ACACIA has been contracted by the Electoral Commission to conduct a post-election evaluation for the just concluded 2015 – 2016 General Elections. The comprehensive and objective evaluation will help in gaining insight, facilitate reflection and identification of future change.
The specific objectives of this evaluation are:

1.       To document and analyse best practices during the conduct of the 2015 - 2016 General elections

2.       To identify challenges in the preparation and delivery of the 2015-2016 general elections

3.       To assess the extent of the implementation of the previous electoral recommendations

4.       Assess staff performance during the conduct of the various electoral activities.

5.       To make recommendations for efficient and effective election management.

Your honest and timely response will help in coming up with an independent report on the EC achievements and challenges and make recommendations for improvement in election management future change.

Thank you.

* 1. Which of the following categories best describes you?

* 2. What is your position in the organisation?

* 6. The electoral education materials had relevant and realistic messages

* 7. Election voter education materials were sufficient

* 8. The voter education messages were clear

* 9. The medium of communication was appropriate

* 10. Voter education time was sufficient

* 11. The voter educators were sufficiently trained

* 12. The voter educators were knowledgeable of the processes

* 13. Were there any challenges in voter education?

* 14. Suggest how voter education can be improved in future (List at least 3 suggestions)

* 15. How effective were the following actors in voter education?

  Not Effective Somehow Effective Effective Very Effective
Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)
Political Parties
Electoral Commission
Others Non formal channels like friends

* 16. There were challenges of voter education actors

* 17. Suggest how the above actors can improve effectiveness of voter education in the future?(List at least 3 suggestions)

* 18. How do you rate the following media channels in delivering voter education messages?

  Not Effective Somehow Effective Effective Very Effective
Posters and Fliers
Internet and EC Website
Social Media
Phone Voice Messages
Other Informal Channels Like Word of Mouth