* 1. Overall how helpful for your daily practice did you find the scientific content of the congress? (Tick one)

* 2.

Please rate the presentations (and speaker's level of expertise) in the Educational session in collaboration with the Dutch Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (NVTH) on September, 28th.

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

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Innovations in Scholarly Communication (Bianca Kramer and Jeroen Bosman)
The dos and don’ts of writing European grants (Doenja Koppejan)
It takes two to tango: Net formation and haemolysis (Sacha Zeerleder)
The polyphosphate tail: a primitive biomolecule with haemostatic function (Nicola Mutch)

* 3.

Please rate the presentation (and speaker's level of expertise) during the Oral Communications Sessions on September, 28th.

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Clotting - Venous thrombosis: Sex-specific differences in prevalence of pulmonary embolism among patients with venous thromboembolism
(Luuk Scheres)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis: The risk of recurrent venous thrombosis in patients undergoing surgery after a first thrombotic event
(Banne Nemeth)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis: Association of impaired renal function with venous thrombosis: a genetic risk score approach
(Romain Charmet)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis: Repeated measures of carotid atherosclerosis and future risk of venous thrombosis
(Birgit Småbrekke)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis: Protein C activity is associated to early formation of new Q waves and failure to achieve ST segment resolution in patients with acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction
(Slobodan Obradovic)
Clotting- Venous thrombosis: PDGFB, a new candidate plasma biomarker for venous thromboembolism
(Maria Jesus Iglesias)
Clotting - Structure and function: Tissue factor expressed by different cell types regulates central nervous system haemostasis and autoimmune inflammation in a mouse model of multiple sclerosis
(Rafal Pawlinski)
Clotting - Structure and function: The C-terminus of TFPIα inhibits factor V activation by protecting the Arg1545 cleavage site
(Peter van Doorn)
Clotting -  Structure and function: Factor V functions as a synergistic cofactor with protein S in the inhibition of FXa by TFPI
(Salvatore Santamaria)
Clotting - Structure and function: New modulators of SERPINC1 gene expression. Relevance for antithrombin levels and potential therapeutic usefulness
(Mara Toderici)
Clotting - Structure and function: Conformational activation of ADAMTS13: The spacer-CUB/VWF-D4CK domain interactions
(Kieron South)
Bleeding - Experimental models: Complete loss of CalDAG-GEFI expression leads to severe bleedings caused by altered platelet function
(Matthias Canault)
Bleeding - Experimental models: A fusion protein of interleukin-4 and interleukin-10 protects against blood-induced cartilage damage in vitro and in vivo
(Lize van Vulpen)
Bleeding - Experimental models: Matrix metalloproteinase inhibition (CM352) effectively reduces rivaroxaban but not dabigatran associated experimental bleeding
(Jose A. Paramo)
Bleeding - Experimental models: Efficient and allele-specific siRNAs that target von Willebrand factor single nucleotide polymorphisms as a potential personalized therapy for von Willebrand disease
(Annika de Jong)
Bleeding - Experimental models: The correlation between biomarkers of joint cartilage degradation and markers of oxidative stress in patients with severe haemophilia treated by different prophylaxis regimens
(Mirjana Mitrovic)
Bleeding - Experimental models: Depletion of prekallikrein improves host defense during Gram-negative pneumonia derived sepsis (Chao Ding)
Platelets - Mechanism and regulation: GPV is a central regulator of haemostasis, thrombosis and thrombo-inflammatory brain infarction in mice
(Sarah Beck)
Platelets - Mechanism and regulation: Blocking heteromerization of platelet chemokines CCL5 and CXCL4 reduces inflammation and preserves heart function after myocardial infarction
(Rory Koenen)
Platelets - Mechanism and regulation: platelet-derived S1P promotes recovery from anaphylactic shock but is redundant for vascular integrity
(Eric Camerer)
Platelets - Mechanism and regulation: Defects in TRPM7 function result in abnormal Ca2+ dependent platelet signaling in mice
(Sanjeev Gotru)
Platelets - Mechanism and regulation: Platelet-thrombi induce an unstable plaque phenotype and arterial stiffening locally at the site of vascular injury
(Judith Cosemans)

* 4.

Please rate the presentation (and speaker's level of expertise) in the Plenary lecture on September, 28th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent) 

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Reducing research waste (Malcolm Macleod)

* 5.

Please rate the presentations (and speaker's level of expertise) in the Science, fast and furious-I Session on September, 28th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

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Characterization of two novel RASGRP2 variants leading to defective CalDAG-GEFI- mediated RAP1 activation and platelet dysfunction
(Maria Luisa Lozano)
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) and subsequent quantitative structural analysis of megakaryocytes in intact murine bone
(Mari Gorelashvil)
Modeling the risk of recurrent venous thrombosis – Where are we now and what can we add
(Jasmijn Timp)
Thrombotic activity in the acutely ischaemic brain is dramatically reduced in T-cell deficient mice
(David Stegner)

* 6.

Please rate the content (and speaker's level of expertise) in the parallel meet-the-expert and how-to sessions on September, 29th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent) 

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Venous thrombosis treatment (Harry Büller)
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (Flora Peyvandi)
Haemophilia (Peter Collins)
Women disorders (Saskia Middeldorp)
How to publish? (Frits Rosendaal)
How to produce recombinant proteins? (Mettine Bos)
How to write a successful grant? (Ian Peake)
Bleeding disorders (Pier Mannucci)
Von Willebrand disease (Frank Leebeek)
Diagnosis of Venous Thrombosis (Menno Huisman)
Thrombophilia (Pierre Morange)
Platelets (Bernhard Nieswandt)
How to design morpholinos? (Elisabetta Castoldi)
How to do a GWAS? (David Trégouët)
How to do population studies? (Sigrid Brækkan)
How to do epitope mapping? (Karen Vanhoorelbeke)
How to study a platelet? (Judith Cosemans)

* 7.

Please rate the presentations (and speaker's level of expertise) in the parallel Focus Symposia on September, 19th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent) 

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Vessel wall: Mouse models of vessel wall pathology
(Leon Schurgers)
Vessel wall: Silencing of anticoagulant protein C evokes low incident but spontaneous atherothrombosis in Apolipoprotein E deficient mice
(Marco Heestermans)
Vessel wall: Deletion of chromosome 9p12 non-coding cardiovascular risk interval in mice induces a prothrombotic phenotype
(Amel Mohamadi)
Vessel wall: Divergent and convergent PAR1,2,3,4 and histamine-induced signal transduction pathways in endothelial cells uncovered by quantitative phosphoproteomics
(Bart van den Eshof)
Bleeding: Regulation of von Willebrand factor by ADAMTS13
(Jim Crawley)
Bleeding: The role of ADAMTS13 exosites in VWF recognition and proteolysis
(Anastasis Petri)
Bleeding: High and long-term expression of von Willebrand factor after sleeping-beauty transposon-mediated gene therapy in mice
(Irina Portier)
Bleeding: Scavenger-receptors LRP1 and SRAI display enhanced association to von Willebrand factor clearance mutants p.R1205H (Vicenza) and p.S2179F
(Peter Lenting)
Clotting: New approaches to identify genetic risk factors for venous thrombosis
(Pierre Morange)
Clotting: Genetic risk factors for venous thrombosis in women using combined oral contraceptives: update of the Pilgrim study
(Pierre Suchon)
Clotting: Mild antithrombin deficiency and risk of recurrent venous thrombosis: results from MEGA follow-up study
(Juraj Sokol)
Clotting: Defects of splicing in antithrombin deficiency: much more than expected
(Maria Eugenia De La Morena-Barrio)
Platelets: Developments in the treatment of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
(Flora Peyvandi)
Platelets: Major thromboembolic events and mortality in acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: results from the phase 2 study with caplacizumab
(Hilde De Winter)
Platelets: A novel two-stage FRETS-VWF73 assay reveals a cryptic pool of ADAMTS13 in plasma
(Mirjam Mebius)
Platelets: Childhood-onset acquired thrombotic purpura and long-term outcomes: the French reference centre for thrombotic microangiopathies experience
(Bérangère Joly)

* 8.

Please rate the presentations (and speaker's level of expertise) in the State of the Arts Sessions on September, 29th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5 Not attended
The contact pathway: an ideal target for antithrombotic therapy (Thomas Renne) 
Congenital Thrombophilia: new factors and mechanism (Javier Corral)
Understanding ADAMTS13 and Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
(Karen Vanhoorelbeke)
Platelets and chemokines
(Meinrad Gawaz)

* 9.

Please rate the presentation (and speaker's level of expertise) in Plenary lecture on September, 29th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5
Antithrombotic Therapy: now and in the future
(Harry R. Büller)

* 10.

Please rate the presentation (and speaker's level of expertise) during the Oral Communications Sessions on September, 29th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5 Not attended
Vessel wall - endothelial cells: Mechanisms of STXBP5 mediated regulation of Weibel-Palade body release
(Maaike Schillemans)
Vessel wall - endothelial cells: Effects of dabigatran-etexilate and warfarin on atherosclerotic plaque vulnerability
(Rick van Gorp)
Vessel wall - endothelial cells: Targeting coagulation factor Xa by rivaroxaban reduces the onset and progression of atherosclerosis and enhances plaque stability in ApoE null mice
(Jelle Posthuma)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis and cancer: Venous thromboembolism as a first sign of occult malignancy is associated with an increased risk of recurrent venous thromboembolism
(Olga Vikhammer Gran)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis and cancer: Thromboembolic events during the treatment of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
(Gonul Aydogan)
Clotting - Venous thrombosis and cancer: Risk of venous thrombo-embolism in female malignancies: the Scandinavian Thrombosis and Cancer Cohort
(Inger Lise Gade)
Clotting - Inflammation: Thrombin contributes to protective immunity in pneumonia derived sepsis via fibrin polymerization and platelet-neutrophil interactions
(Theodora Claushuis)
Clotting - Inflammation: The role of von Willebrand factor in a malaria-associated lung pathology model
(Sirima Kraisin)
Clotting - Inflammation: Higher prothrombotic activities in M1 than M2 macrophages in atherosclerotic patients
(Annabelle Dupont)
Bleeding - Diagnosis and prognosis: Predictors of bleeding after low-risk dental procedures in patients on vitamin K antagonists: a cohort study
(Joseph Biedermann)
Bleeding - Diagnosis and prognosis: Prospective evaluation of bleeding incidence in factor XIII deficiency (Pro-RBD study)
(Flora Peyvandi)
Bleeding - Diagnosis and prognosis: The necessity of refining the diagnostic evaluation of patients with a bleeding tendency not explained by current routine laboratory testing
(Caroline Veen)

* 11.

Please rate the presentation (and speaker's level of expertise) in the Invited Integrated Symposia on September, 29th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent)

  1 2 3 4 5 Not attended
DOACs, antidotes, and bypassing agents: The story on dabigatran, to thrombin inhibition and back
(Joanne van Ryn)
DOACs, antidotes, and bypassing agents: Direct anticoagulants regulate arterial thrombosis
(Henri Spronk)
DOACs, antidotes, and bypassing agents; Bypassing direct Xa inhibitors by lessons from nature
(Pieter Reitsma)
Targeting platelet receptors – new developments: GPVI/CLEC-2 function in thrombosis and haemostasis
(Stephen Watson)
Targeting platelet receptors – new developments: Targeting GPIb in acute stroke
(Simon de Meyer)
Targeting platelet receptors – new developments: The GPVI competitor Revacept: Preclinical and clinical development
(Götz Münch)
Epidemiolomics of complex diseases : Tools and strategies for new genomics risk factors discovery
(David Trégouët)
Genetics and complex disease: Genetics of coronary artery disease - discovery and translation
(Nilesh Samani)
Genetics and complex disease: Risk prediction and missing heritability for multifactorial diseases
(Françoise Clerget)
New therapies in Haemophilia: Gene therapy in haemophilia (Amit Nathwany)
New therapies in Hemophilia: Effect of emicizumab - a humanized bispecific antibody mimicking FVIII cofactor function - on a variety of assay systems
(Andreas Calatzis)
New therapies in Hemophilia: Potential benefits of Fc fusion beyond half-life extension
(Stefan Lethagen)
New therapies in Hemophilia: Use of anticoagulant inhibitors in haemophilia - benefit and risk - how much do we know about them?
(Trevor Baglin)

* 12.

Please rate the presentations (and speaker's level of expertise) during the Oral Communications Sessions on September, 30th. 

(1 = poor, 5 = excellent) 

  1 2 3 4 5 Not attended
Platelets - Clinical aspects: Stefin A, a novel megakaryocyte and platelet protein regulated by the metabolic status
(Anna Mezzapesa)
Platelets - Clinical aspects: ADAMTS13 containing the naturally occurring mutation p.arg1177gln adopts an open conformation
(Elien Roose)
Platelets - Clinical aspects: Age-related increase of thromboxane B2 and risk of cardiovascular disease in atrial fibrillation
(Daniele Pastori)
Platelets - Clinical aspects: Haemostatic abnormalities in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
(Andrea Artoni)
Clotting - Thrombus formation: Inhibition of TAFI and PAI-1 reduces ischaemic stroke brain damage
(Frederik Denorme)
Clotting - Thrombus formation: Low haematocrit thrombi form more rapidly and are more resistance to fibrinolytic degradation as a result of increased cross-linking by factor XIIIa
(Paraskevi Untiveros)
Clotting - Thrombus formation: Development of a method for in vivo detection of active thrombi in mice
(Annemiek Dickhout)
Clotting - Thrombus formation: Granulocyte clone size and eculizumab impact clot structure in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria
(Polly Bowman)
Bleeding - Haemophilia: Efficacy and safety of recombinant fusion protein linking coagulation factor IX with albumin (rIX-FP) in previously treated adult and adolescent patients with haemophilia B
(Alex Veldman)