Edible City Science Fair
Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 | 10:00am - 4:00pm
Application deadline is Sunday, March 5th

MOHAI is seeking exhibitors of all ages to explore the science of food at the Edible City Science Fair! In celebration of Earth Day and the Edible City exhibit, the science fair is an opportunity for museum visitors of all ages to learn the science of food, cooking, and agriculture, and particularly the role that sustainability and the environment play in our food systems. Displays throughout the museum will feature family-friendly activities, interactive demonstrations, and more to promote STEM learning and an interest food science.

Exhibitors of all ages are welcome, including individuals, schools, community groups, organizations, and businesses; hands-on or interactive displays, demos, and activities are highly encouraged.

Exhibitors interested in participating must be available to host their display or activity at the museum 10 am - 4 pm, with building access permitted 9 am - 5 pm for setup and teardown (exhibitors will be able to take breaks throughout the day.) Each exhibitor is provided (1) six foot table and two chairs; additional space and resources are available upon request on the next page.
Marketing materials, including event copy and links to websites and social media, will be provided as soon as they are finalized. Access to MOHAI's loading dock will be permitted for load-in and load-out, but exhibitor vehicles will be required to park off-site. (Free parking or all-day parking for under $10 is available in various nearby lots on weekends.) 

* 1. Contact Information

MOHAI is a museum and with that comes limitations to what we can allow within our space to ensure proper care of the collections. The following are not permitted inside the museum:
  • Open flame or any machinery that emits a spark
  • Active cooking of food or anything producing uncontained steam
  • Combustible fuels
  • Drones or flying objects
  • Balloons
  • Glitter, confetti, or feathers
  • Live animals
Additionally, the following items are permitted, but only in specific areas of the museum and only if contained/supervised:
  • Food and beverages
  • Dirt, dust, or particulate matter
  • Substances that may spill or cause mess
  • Objects that may damage the historic Atrium floor
The following policies apply to all exhibitors during Edible City Science Fair:
  • All decor must be entirely free-standing and may not be attached to any walls, floors, windows, doors, or exhibit cases
  • Exhibitors are welcome to distribute promotional materials, giveaways, or keep an email list, but sale of products is not permitted onsite
Finally, if you have the perfect activity or demonstration in mind but are unsure whether it meets the above guidelines, please apply! Provide as much detail as you can below, and our staff would be happy to explore whether we might be able to accommodate it in the museum. You're also welcome to contact us with specific questions prior to applying at education@mohai.org or (206) 324-1126 x106.

* 2. Please tell us about your activity, demonstration, or display. This will help us determine the best location for your table within the museum.