As a part of this year’s ECET2, we are doing some survey research to help ensure that this event is meeting the needs of teachers like you and to give us more information about how we can improve the event in the future. Your honest responses to our questions – on what you enjoyed about ECET2, found useful, did not enjoy, and did not find useful – is critical to this research.  As a part of this research effort, we are collecting data at 3 different points: at registration, immediately after the event, and six months after the event.

How do I participate in this survey research?

To participate in this research and help us improve the ECET2 experience for teachers across the country, you need to complete all 3 surveys: this registration survey, the survey emailed to you immediately after ECET2, and the survey emailed to you six months after the event. Your feedback will be most useful for helping us improve ECET2 if you complete all 3 surveys.


Will anyone be able to identify me by my responses?

In the questions below, we ask you to generate an identifier that only you will know so that nobody can attach your responses to your information. Your personal information will never be attached to your survey responses.