We Want Your Feedback - COMMENTS FOR NEXT DRAFT DUE by May 13, 2021.

The East Contra Costa Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) seek your input on their Groundwater Sustainability Plan's (GSP) Section 6.  This document is being prepared as part of the region's implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). Additional chapters will be released on a quarterly basis into summer 2021.  The table of contents for the full draft GSP is located HERE. Prior to offering comments, reviewers are encouraged to read through the table of contents and learn more about the topics that will be considered in the GSP. 

A full copy of Section 6 is HERE. Section 6 describes the East Contra Costa (ECC) Subbasin monitoring networks. The networks are designed to produce a data set of sufficient accuracy, measurement frequency, and spatial distribution to characterize groundwater and related surface water conditions in the subbasin and to evaluate groundwater conditions throughout implementation of the GSP. The information obtained through monitoring will allow the subbasin's groundwater to be adaptively and sustainably managed.

The monitoring network shall accomplish the following (GSP Reg. § 354.34(b)(1)-(4)):
(1) Demonstrate progress towards achieving measurable objectives described in the GSP.
(2) Monitor impacts to the beneficial uses and users of groundwater.
(3) Monitor changes in groundwater conditions relative to measurable objectives and minimum thresholds.
(4) Quantify annual changes in water budget components.

An overview of each Section 6 subsection is covered below.

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Additional information about the East Contra Costa GSAs and SGMA is HERE. For inquiries, to provide more detailed comments, or to be included on the email list, please contact groundwaterinfo@dcd.cccounty.us.

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