Thank you for your interest in Elimination Communication Challenge Group, a program of the Ditch the Diapers Zero Waste Initiative by Diaper Stork and Re-ThinkGreen. This group will be a support group and marketing powerhouse all in one. Participants will join 10-12 other families with newborns as they learn to preserve their babies' natural instincts to eliminate away from their bodies. We're looking for passionate people who are excited to get $40 off cloth diaper service and are willing to be part of the testimonials, photos & videos that will start an EC movement in Seattle. Ready to get started? Fill out this application survey by September 22, 2019.

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* 2. Participants in this group will have newborn babies. What is your baby's birth date / due date?

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* 3. We will have monthly group meetings in Seattle. Over the next 9 months, how often will you be available at the following days/times? (Transportation will be provided if needed.)

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