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* 1. What led you to access the EFFECTIVENESS BANK? (tick as many you like)

* 2. In general terms, do/did you find the service useful?

* 3. Has anything you have read on this site influenced you or your colleagues’ thinking about how drug and alcohol use should be responded to? (tick as many you like)

* 4. When you click the links we send out usually you see one of our EFFECTIVENESS BANK analyses. Do these generally give you the information you want in the way you want it?

* Anything else you'd like to say about our analyses?

5. Matrices. In 2013 we introduced the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Matrices (click links to view). On each we built an online course – a weekly commentary we called 'matrix bites'. To view, go to the matrices, click a cell to open it, and unfold the bite using the link at the bottom. Whether or not you used these resources, please answer the following questions:

* Did you use either or both of the matrices since they were developed in mid-2013?

* If you answered 'Yes' above, how useful did you find the matrices?

* Did you access any of the weekly matrix bites commentaries – the online courses we ran during 2014?

* If you answered 'Yes' above, how useful did you find the matrix bites?

* Would you use the matrices and bites more if you could be accredited for satisfactorily completing all or part of the matrix bites courses?

* 6. Your chance to tell us in your own words how we are doing and how you would like us to develop our service

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