Hour of Code Class Registration

Interested in bringing the Hour of Code learning experience to your classroom?  The Foundation for East Baton Rouge School System STEMup BR project is here to help. No prior experience is needed. It's never been easier - Register your class and let us know if you want help.  Please enter questions or comments here as well.

First classes to register will receive Hour of Code wrist bracelets.  A drawing will be held for a guest visit from game coder, Godric Johnson (Jetstreame), and a pizza party for one lucky class that participates.

* 1. Your Name

* 3. Name of School

* 4. Your Email Address

* 5. Your Phone Number

* 6. List class(es) or section(s) AND day AND times AND number of students that will participate in Hour of Code.  

For example: 6A on MONDAY at 11:45 (26 students)

* 7. We are recruiting volunteers to assist your class during the Hour of Code week.  Interested in having some help available?

* 8. Please add comments or questions.