WE NEED YOU...and so does the EB Community!

The EBEA has been working hard to improve community outreach.  We have established a "second-hand shop" for East Brunswick parents to shop for their school aged children.  This shop will be called the "Bear Necessities Clothing Den".  However, as you know, it does take a village to get this project off the ground.  We need volunteers to assist us both short term and long term.  Please take a look at the survey below and find an area where you can help us help the East Brunswick Community.  

The "Bear Necessities Clothing Den" is located in the lower level of the EBEA office complex at 575 Cranbury Road - Suite B2, East Brunswick, NJ. 

As always, we appreciate ANY time you can volunteer.  East Brunswick is a changing community and we do have a growing population in need.  

Thank you for time!
Dr. Dana Zimbicki, EBEA President
JoAnn Peterson, Bear Den Coordinator
Christine Chinchar, Bear Den Coordinator

* 1. What is your name? (first, last)

* 2. What is your personal email address?

* 3. What phone number can you be reached at?
(numbers only please)

* 4. Have you helped at the "Bear Den" before?

* 5. How can you help at the "Bear Necessities Clothing Den"? (check all that apply)

* 6. As an East Brunswick Public School staff member I would be willing to work the "Bear Necessities Clothing Den" when we open to the public on the following dates: (additional dates may be added as we see the need).