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Environmental Business Journal 2018 Market Snapshot & Industry Trend Survey

Dear Industry Executive,

Environmental Business Journal is conducting our annual snapshot survey to assess 2017 market performance and a 2018-2019 outlook for the environmental industry.

Survey participants will receive a summary of the results of the questions they contribute to, and we urge you to complete the survey before our deadline on June 15th. An analysis of the information collected will be presented on the next edition of the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ).

The survey is divided into 3 components: 1) Statistics on your company and your segment to help further guide our quantification and forecasts; 2) A set of forward looking questions to capture your opinion on policy, economics and key environmental issues; 3) an optional section on items of personal interest.

You are not required to fill in every portion of the survey, so feel free to submit your responses only for the areas or categories that pertain to your business. We do value your time and sincerely appreciate your contribution to the broader environmental industry community.

Note: The survey may be completed in two parts, if you started the survey and return to complete it, you may need to 'clear recent history' on your browser and start the survey again, filling in the parts you didn't the first time, and both will be saved, but you can't return to the same survey and add to it.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to be interviewed directly or conduct one of our email Q&As, please contact Laura Carranza at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

NOTE: Responses to this survey are confidential and no information will be cited without permission of the respondent.

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* 5. Next wave of the Trump Administration and Congress: Please rate what you believe the impact of the federal government was on the following areas as they have affected environmental markets or the economy in 2018-2020.

  Major Increase Modest Increase Marginal Increase Not Much Change Marginal Decrease Modest Decrease Major Decrease
Infrastructure Spending: Roads & Highways
Infrastructure: Bridges & Tunnels
Infrastructure: Ports, Lakes & Rivers
Infrastructure: Airports & Spaceports
Infrastructure: Public Transportation
Infrastructure: Transpo IT: Self-Driving Grid
Infrastructure: Power & Transmission
Infrastructure: Oil & Gas Pipelines
Infrastructure: Telecom & IT
Infrastructure: Water/Wastewater
Infrastructure: Waste Mgmt/Recycling
Renewable Energy: Utility Solar
Renewable Energy: Distributed Solar
Renewable Energy: Wind Generation
Renewable Energy: Wind T&D
RE Other: Geothermal, Wave & Tidal, etc.
Air Quality Markets
Water Quality Markets
Federal Remediation: DOE/DOD
Federal Remed: Superfund/RCRA
Private Redev:Contaminated Sites
Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Climate Change Studies
Climate Change Adaptation Planning
Infrastructure Resiliency Requirements
Natural Resource Protection (NEPA/ESA)
U.S. GDP Growth
U.S. Oil & Gas Production
U.S. Manufacturing
U.S. Exports
U.S. Imports
U.S. Role in Multi-Lateral Orgs
Trade Barriers & Protectionist Policy
Military Presence Abroad
Partisan Divide in DC
Partisan Divide Across America