Environmental Business Journal 2016 Market Snapshot Survey: Pacific Northwest Region

Dear Environmental Industry Executive,

Environmental Business Journal is conducting a business snapshot survey to assess current market performance and a 2016-2017 outlook for the environmental industry in the Pacific Northwest. EBJ will present the conclusions of this survey at the first Pacific Northwest Environmental Industry Summit on July 28, 2016 in Seattle, and make the results available to survey respondents, EBJ subscribers and members of Northwest Environmental Business Council.

The 'Snapshot' portion of the survey asks for the growth history of your business or environmental business unit and forecast for your segment, followed by your opinion on the best growth opportunities in the region by client, service, media and geography. (While no definitive boundary exists for the PNW feel free to view it as including just WA and OR, or more broadly BC, ID and surrounding areas in your response.)

We urge you to complete the survey before the deadline of July 24. We do value your time and sincerely appreciate your contribution to the broader environmental industry community.

Note: If you started the survey and return to complete it, you may need to 'clear recent history' on your browser and start the survey again, filling in the parts you didn't the first time, and both will be saved, but you can't return the the same survey and add to it.

If you have any questions or concerns, or want to be interviewed directly or conduct one of our email Q&As, please contact Grant Ferrier at grant@ebimailbox.com.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

NOTE: Responses to this survey are confidential and no information will be cited without permission of the respondent.

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