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* 1. The Academy presents an Evidence-Based Dentistry Service Award, only when warranted, to recognize a pediatric dentist(s) who has made a major contribution via service or publication, on a national or international level, to the dental profession and the specialty of pediatric dentistry through evidence-based clinical practice, academics or policy development over the past year. Nominees are solicited from the membership and considered by the Evidence-Based Dentistry Committee (EBDC), which shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees who shall make the final selection.
Teams may apply, such as a systematic review workgroup.

Individuals applying or being nominated for this award must:

1.     Demonstrate through service or publication an extraordinary contribution to EBD;

2.     Submit a letter from peer or patient attesting to the nominees contribution;

3.     Provide proof of at least one peer-reviewed published EBD paper;

4.     Submit a C.V. demonstrating ongoing dedication to EBD practice and principles;

5.     Be a current member of the AAPD.

* We will contact you after the nomination is submitted.
Due 02/28/2018
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