Many thanks for taking this survey, which is run by the Local Effective Altruist Network and the Centre for Effective Altruism.

Your responses are vital to ensure that we have up to date information about which groups are active and how to contact them. We also hope that your answers will help us better understand how to assist local groups.

On the next page, there will be details of our privacy and data use policies.

The rest of the survey is comprised of 5 pages:

  • Organizer details (required)
  • Group contact details (required for at least one organiser per group)
  • Group characteristics 
  • Support for groups  
  • Further organizer information 
It is important that at least one organiser complete the survey for each group, so that we have up to date contact details. There will be an option for other organisers to skip, to the final page of the survey after entering their contact details.

We would expect the full survey to take less than 30 minutes for most organisers (and only filling out updated contact information should take < 5 minutes).