Supporting Students with the demands of Summative Assessment:
Transferrable skills for Student Wellbeing

Facilitator: Richard Bruford

An EARCOS Weekend Workshop

Summative assessments are a significant source of stress for students in both middle and high school, yet a great deal of that stress can be avoided. This workshop aims to look at how both teachers and school leaders can better support students with the timely submission of summative tasks whilst also providing the student with the opportunity to fulfill their potential. Teachers and Leaders will begin to understand the importance of the development of core transferrable skills that help students bridge many of the gaps that either prevent them from starting, completing or performing well in summative assessments. The significance of teacher scaffolding techniques along with formative feedback strategies will be addressed, while also exploring practical strategies to teach crucial time management and prioritization skills that can support student well being. Tips and tricks from this workshop will assist both individual teachers and collaborative teams, as well as focus the efforts of school leaders on working with their teaching teams to better support our students.

Target Audience: Subject teachers in upper elementary or secondary. Teaching teams are encouraged to attend together.

Saturday-Sunday, 21-22 April 2018

Suzhou Singapore International School
208 Zhong Nan Street; Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China

¥500 CNY (EARCOS Member Schools)

¥400 CNY per individual for teams of 3 or more
Additional Fee for non-EARCOS member schools