Learning Objectives

Describe how to determine whether a child needs an emergent, urgent or scheduled evaluation of suspected child sexual abuse.

Explain the steps to obtain a medical history and prepare a child for examination.

Explain how to perform and document a complete child sexual abuse examination.

Describe when to report child abuse and how to prepare for a court appearance.

* 1. I feel the learning objectives were met.

* 2. The course provided worthwhile information that I could apply to my practice.

* 3. The information was current and concise.

* 4. The course content was clearly presented.

* 5. The course format and structure facilitated my learning.

* 6. I think I am better able to diagnose and treat child abuse.

* 7. Did you perceive any commercial bias during the course presentation?

* 8. Please list two changes related to child abuse cases that you will make as a result of this course:

* 9A. What was your primary objective for taking the 'Evaluating Child Sexual Abuse' course?

* 9B. Was this objective met?

* 10. Please suggest topics for future CHAMP coursework.

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