Informed consent

The Cordon Gris Consortium, including Associação Fraunhofer Portugal Research, Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Lisboa, SONAE from Portugal, Can Cook and Red Ninja Studios from the UK and Unie KBO from the Netherlands, conducts research with the goal of assisting seniors in maintaining a healthy and independent life on a budget, by providing meal recommendations, assistance for grocery shopping and tracking of health status. Cordon Gris is part of the European Active Assisted Living (AAL) programme, which fosters the development of Information and Communication Technology products and applications to support active and healthy ageing. The project started in May 2016 and will end by April 2018.

Risks of participating
In the beginning of this project we are interested in understanding the current context regarding ageing, nutrition and health. In this survey we will collect your personal data. In order to avoid data breaches we will treat your data anonymously and we will not hand over your personal data to third parties. Only Can Cook is entitled to collect and store your personal contact data. In case you choose to continue participating in this research, only Can Cook will contact you. Six months after the end of this project we will destroy the survey data bases once and for all. We will adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Declaration of Helsinki. The participation in this study does not present any risk to participants’ physical or mental integrity, does not involve any material damage and does not involve any payment whatsoever.

Benefits of participating
The collected data will be used to create an effective solution that meets the needs of seniors and allows us to improve aspects of senior’s quality of life. You can support us in defining those needs and wishes and thereby you will actively contribute to the development of this project. Eventually, your participation in this research will contribute to the promotion of seniors’ independence.

The data being collected are confidential and shall only be used by the researchers towards the originally intended ends. The data collected is confidential and cannot be traced back to the owner. The Cordon Gris Consortium will take all the necessary measures to safeguard and protect the collected data in order to avoid access to unauthorised third parties.
If you are 45 years old or older we like to welcome you to fill in the following survey. Your participation in the survey should take about 30 minutes of your time. The participation in the study is voluntary, and you are free to withdraw from the activities without any consequences whatsoever.
We appreciate your contribution, which is crucial to our research!

The participant:
I declare to have read and understood this document and I accept to take part in this research. I allow the use of the data which I provide on a voluntary basis, trusting that they will only be used for this research and with the guarantees of confidentiality and anonymity that I am being given by the researcher. I authorise the anonymous communication of the data and tests results to other entities that establish partnerships for research purposes with the Cordon Gris Consortium, as well as in meetings, scientific journals and academic papers. My personal data will be treated anonymously and will be destroyed six months after the end of this project.

Project Coordinator: Fraunhofer Portugal 

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