As directed by council, staff is proceeding with an accelerated public process for a pilot project to test the use of e-bikes on off-street multi-use pathways, not including open space trails. The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) will lead the review process and make a recommendation to City Council.  Staff is scheduled to provide a proposal for council’s consideration in October 2013.

On Wednesday, Aug. 7, Transportation Division staff convened a public meeting to present details about the potential e-bikes pilot project and provide an opportunity for community input. More than 30 community members attended and expressed differing opinions about advancing a pilot project. This meeting was the initial forum to introduce the idea. Throughout the month of August, staff will continue to seek public comment to inform a recommendation for the potential pilot project.

We appreciate your time to complete this survey and provide input on a potential policy regarding the use of Electric-assist bikes in the City of Boulder.