Carpool Parking Permit Application Form

The Region of Durham will be issuing 2018 Carpool Parking Permits to ensure accurate tracking of carpool parking spaces at 605 Rossland Road East. 

To qualify for a Carpool Parking Permit, a carpool must consist of two or more employees who carpool together to and from work and have an account on the Region of Durham Smart Commute tool. Upon completion of this application form, you will be redirected to the Smart Commute tool, where you and your carpool members are required to register on the the Region of Durham - Staff Smart Commute tool Network. Your account will be verified and approved with the Region  in order for the carpool group to receive their carpool parking permit.

Only ONE application per carpool is required. Please designate ONE member of your carpool to complete the below Carpool Parking Permit Application Form.

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