Client Satisfaction Survey - Information & Assistance

Dear valuable client,
You've contacted DuPage County Senior Services for information and assistance. It is important for you to receive satisfactory services from our program; your feedback can help us to improve the way we serve you. Please take a moment to answer the questions below. Your responses are completely confidential and valuable towards the improvement of our program.

* 1. How long was your wait to be connected to our Information and Assistance staff?

* 2. Who was your call supposed to help?

* 3. Select ALL the reasons for your call.

* 4. The staff member who received your call was courteous while listening carefully to your concern.

* 5. You understood the staff member's answers to your questions.

* 6. Overall, I received the information and materials I requested.

* 7. The information by mail and or email was received timely.

* 8. The information and materials I received was useful.

* 9. I received a call back when additional assistance was needed.

* 10. Have you ever Called DuPage County Services before?

* 11. Have you ever had trouble reaching DuPage County Information and Assistance?