Community Interest and Opinion Survey

The City of Duncan and the Lakes Commission would like your input to help determine priorities on future improvements to the City's lakes and their immediate City owned land.

* 1. Your Age?

* 2. Your Gender?

* 3. What is your household income?

* 4. Where do you call home?

* 5. How often in past 12 months have you visited a City Lake?

* 6. In which Season(s)?

* 7. Which Lake(s) did you visit?

* 8. What was the purpose of your visit?

* 9. Participation in on-site, third-party activities?

* 10. Which facility is the most important to your household?

  First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth
Boat Ramp
Boat Dock
Fish House
Fishing Pier
Camp Site

* 11. Would you be interested in any of these additional physical improvements? Check all you would like to see.

* 12. How supportive are you of the City of Duncan using tax dollars to support the maintenance and development of the City Lakes System?

* 13. There will be a public meeting discussing the Lakes Master Plan on April 27th at 6:00 PM, Room 108 Business & Industry Building, Red River Technology Center. Would you be able to attend?