Dreamflight survey, June-July 2015

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey. Your views will help to shape how Dreamflight supports deserving children in the future, alongside our annual trip to Orlando. It will only take up to 10 minutes of your time, but could have a real and lasting impact. Thank you!

Why we are asking for your views - please read

Dreamflight exists to help children with a serious illness or disability to realise their potential. Since 1987, we have been doing this through our annual trip to Florida. Each October, 192 deserving children board an aircraft to Orlando for 10 magical days, without their parents but instead with a team of dedicated volunteers. The focus is on building relationships, confidence and independence, and so far Dreamflight has taken over 5,000 children on their holiday of a lifetime.

As 2016 will be the 30th anniversary of the first Dreamflight, we are now considering how else we could help children to realise their potential. 

Perhaps the annual Dreamflight trip could be seen as just the beginning – a launch pad for a lifelong relationship between the young person and Dreamflight, with the charity providing support in other ways (whether this be advice, education, funding or something else). During the preparation for the trip and the trip itself, Dreamflight naturally and essentially develops a knowledge of and a relationship with the young person and their family, that could potentially be built upon to provide support in the years after the trip. 

Or perhaps Dreamflight could look to help those deserving children not able, for whatever reason, to go on the Dreamflight trip itself, and extend our reach this way. 

We are only in the early stages of developing how else we can support deserving children in the future, and we would very much like your views. All views are welcome and all ideas will be considered. If you have particular ideas you’d like to get in touch about, please do email office@dreamflight.org

Thank you in advance for your time.