1. Your Feedback on the Dream Man Story Creator

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* 2. How would you rate your experience with getting started with the Story Creator?

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Introductory Instructions
Instructions After Completion of Story

* 3. What was your experience inside of the Story Creator?

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Story Creator Images/Photos
Story Creator Look & Feel
Story Creator Navigation
Story Creator Statements
Story Creator Optional Answers
Option to Write Your Own

* 4. What were the DRAWBACKS of completing the Story Creator?

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* 5. What were the BENEFITS to you of completing the Story Creator?

* 6. What was the VALUE you perceive of the Story Creator?

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Value to Women With Partners

* 7. What is the most you would pay for using this Online Story Creator tool?

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* 9. If you were to recommend Story Creator to someone, what would you tell them is the most meaningful or exciting thing the Story Creator has to offer?

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