The City of San Mateo is updating the General Plan, the document that guides how the City will look, feel, and change over the next 20 years. It outlines the City’s goals for physical growth, conservation, and community life, and contains the policies and actions necessary to achieve those goals. Community feedback helped develop the draft goals, policies and actions for the General Plan and now the City is seeking community input to understand if they reflect the community’s priorities and whether there are new ideas to consider. 

The survey will be open through Sunday, October 14, 2022. To learn more about the General Plan Update and to review the draft goals, policies, and actions, visit
Note, the City is also in the process of updating its Housing Element, but that process is separate from the General Plan Update. Therefore, this survey does not include a housing topic area. To learn more about the City's housing related goals and policies, visit the Housing Element Update page:

Question Title

Which topic (General Plan Elements)  would you like to provide feedback on? 

Start this survey by selecting the topic that interests you. You can provide input on some or all of the topics, depending on your interest. You will receive a prompt at the end of each topic that allows you to select the next topic of interest.