Visual Preference Survey

Welcome residents, business owners and guests.  The City of Lake Helen is endeavoring to promote a Downtown area.  We need your help in expressing how you want the area to look, what type of businesses you would like, and the circulation, both non-vehicular (walking, jogging, bicycling, etc.) and in vehicles.  This will help the City in creating codes and incentives to attract the types of uses that are desired in the area.
The survey will take on average about 15 minutes to complete.  There are many aspects involved in a town center and various scales, landuses, and architecture.  The survey is meant to be inclusive to obtain a true preference from the community towards the development, look and feel of a future downtown.
Your time and participation is GREATLY appreciated. 

What is a Visual Preference Survey?

The Visual Preference Survey is one of the tools for the public to give feedback on planning and design alternatives and to participate in the formulation of new guidelines for the Downtown area. A Visual Preference Survey (VPS) is a tool that allows citizens to rate visual concepts of existing and non-existing types of building designs, landscape characteristics, community fabric, architectural styles, signs, growth patterns, etc.   

Why should I take the Visual Preference Survey?

Your participation in the Visual Preference Survey provides one way for you to influence: (1) the future look of your community; (2) the context, scale, and design of public streets, open spaces, and site development in the Downtown area; and (3) future zoning changes and design guidelines.

How to take the Survey?

You must indicate your preference among a series of images used to illustrate various options for development and public infrastructure enhancements in the area. To do this you will need to rank each photo in a common category, on a scale of -3 to +3, with 0 being neutral. It is acceptable to use the same score for more than one image. Images were selected to demonstrate a range of design and development possibilities, some subtle, some more exceptional.

Why your opinion counts?

The value of the survey is in the range of opinions, the shared common ground, and the desires expressed by the public, giving a sense of what they would like to see in the community. The objective is to further define the vision for a Downtown.