Thank you for taking the time to review this draft Master Plan Chapter! Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will contribute to this collaborative document and the needed actions over time.

Dover’s creation of this Chapter of the Master Plan is intended to illustrate how the network of resources within the City are interconnected.  Traditionally, these resources and the issues related to them have been inventoried and presented in individual chapters.  By integrating them in one chapter, a systems approach is taken to better understand many ways our resources affect each other, identify potential stewardship actions that have implications for several resources, and recommend cost-effective initiatives that will preserve Dover’s unique character. This integrated approach also presents an opportunity to explore how these diverse resources and related issues contribute to the Vision of Dover as a dynamic community with an outstanding quality of life.

The following nine questions provide an opportunity to comment on specific sections of the Chapter, and the overall delivery of this material as a new component of the Dover Master Plan.
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