Welcome to City of Doraville SPLOST Public Comment/ Citizen Survey

Dear Residents and Business Owners:


The DeKalb County SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax) is a one-cent sales tax that provides funding exclusively for capital projects – roads, buildings, vehicles and major equipment, and other long-lived improvements. The current SPLOST was adopted by voters in a referendum in November 2017 and will run from April 2018 until March 2024.  SPLOST is expected to generate $636 million over the next six years for capital improvements for the county and city governments in DeKalb County. Each cities’ share is based on its 2016 population estimate which equaled 1.484% of DeKalb County’s total population. The City of Doraville’s estimated proceeds from the SPLOST over the life of the current SPLOST will be $9.4 million. 

The County collects the funds and the cities receive their share of the revenue on a monthly basis for the previous month. Depending on sales in the County, Doraville estimates receiving (plus-or-minus) about $1.5 million annually.

By law, the SPLOST revenue may only be used for certain types of projects and there were some limitations placed, by percentage, on the distribution, i.e. how the funds are to be spent. In Doraville the distribution of funds are as follows:

Type of Project Percentage of Total Funds
Transportation Projects 
Includes:  Infrastructure Preservation; Pedestrian and Bicycle Path Improvements; Traffic Congestion Relief; Safety and Operational Improvements
Public Safety and Related Capital Equipment Projects Public Safety includes Police, Courts, and Emergency Management 10%
Repairs of Capital Outlay Projects 15%
No funds may be used for operating expenditures, but must all be used for capital projects. Capital projects are defined as having a long-term lifespan and must cost more than $5,000.


The City Council and City Administration, over the last several months, have worked to identify eligible projects under each of the three categories and we want to hear from the public as to these projects, as well as other projects that you would like considered. Knowing how busy everyone is, we have tried to make the survey easy and quick, but gather very important information. Please provide one of five ratings for each project and answers to the other questions in the survey.

We value your input, and would greatly appreciate your response by Friday, December 21, 2018. Thank you for your participation!

Regina V.K. Williams-Gates
City Manager
13% of survey complete.