Colorado State University Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials - Overview

Thank you for your interest in Colorado State University's Orthopedic Medicine Clinical Trials. This survey is designed for pets suffering from lameness or pain/slowing down because of osteoarthritis. 

Completing this survey may take up to 15 minutes. If you would like to find out more about the studies we are currently offering (including the treatments used, as well as the requirements), please visit our clinical trials website. We are likely going to offer other studies in the near future, so even if the current studies do not apply to your pet, you may still opt to fill out this survey so we can contact you about future studies. 

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* 1. We will ask for your detailed contact information at the end of the survey. In case something else comes up and you don't finish the survey during this session, what's the best way for us to reach you (please enter your preferred email or phone number)?

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