Do-Dah Parade started in 1984, when WKMI organizers designed the parade as a way for companies and organizations to provide unique entertainment through a parody. It was patterned after the Pasadena, California Parade called Doo Dah. The purpose remains the same – create a parade that celebrates decorations and costumes that follow a theme or a parody (satire - think Saturday Night Live).  The parade has a long standing tradition of allowing businesses and nonprofits to use the streets to promote the personality of their company in a fun and a slightly unorthodox way. Maybe a better description would be a laughable outrageous costume parade. Each year, participants are challenged to reinvigorate the meaning of “Do-Dah” (a parody based on a spoof or a satire of a person, place, event or thing).  
The theme for this year is "Where is the Zoo".
We encourage you to shamelessly promote your business. 

The Parade is Saturday, June 4th. The entrance fee is $50 for non-profits and $75 for for-profits.
And, after May 18, the price increases.
Please make sure to download a copy of the original application that
includes instructions, guidelines, important things to know, and deadlines. 

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* 1. Kalamazoo Do-Dah Parade Application

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* 2. Facebook page URL:

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* 3. If you have participated in the past, please list your previous years participation.

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* 4. Stated Parody:

-Please describe below, in one sentence or less, the significance of your unit (units must be visibly pleasing and incorporate a unique parody). In order to be remembered and use the parade as a way to promote your business, your unit must be decorated, the people in your unit wearing a costume, and a banner to promote your business. Parade units should incorporate their theme (parody or "Where is the Zoo") to their decorations, music, and costumes. The parade is themed from beginning to end with the best units specifically placed for the highest exposure.

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* 5. Parade Unit Description

Unit placement is strategically determined based on the Unit Connection to the parody theme and its entertainment value. Please note that if there are changes to the information below, it is the responsibility of the organizer to inform Parade officials. Floats will be lined up on Portage Street. 

Please note that a trailer is considered a "float" so if you're using a trailer- please list that below by checking the Float/Trailer box.

Please mark all that apply to your entry: