A form to register sites and for land managers to request help.

AABR is Australia’s peak body of qualified and experienced bush regenerators, whether professional or volunteer.

We have recently called upon our networks to seek volunteers to assist managers of high conservation value wildfire-affected fauna habitats across Australia who do not already have experienced regenerators available. (But we urge others to apply - even if it is not major wildlife habitat - in case we have someone who can help.)

We will be prioritising sites whose managers have a capacity to provide the logistic support to the volunteers. But please contact us even if you don’t have the facilities to coordinate or support volunteers as we will pass your information and the contact details of our volunteers to a volunteer coordination body who can act as a managing third party.

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* 1. We will require your contact details to get in touch with you.

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* 2. Is there anything else you want to tell us at this stage about the site? (330 words max)

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* 3. What is the type of help do you need? (select all that apply)

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* 4. Can you provide any of the following support for the volunteer?

What happens next?

When we hear from you we will get in touch to ask a few questions about the site so that we can evaluate whether and how we can help.

When we have a database of volunteers and sites we can then match volunteers to those in need. Only suitably trained and experienced bush regenerators will be matched to sites needing high level assistance.

Once we have matched the volunteer to the recipient we will leave the parties to make their own arrangements.