In September 2012, the Borough of Somerville implemented a one year pilot program to close Division Street to vehicular traffic. As the end of the one year mark draws to a close, the Downtown Somerville Alliance and the Planning Board are gathering input from the community on your views of Division Street. Our goal is to make Division Street a superb public space that will be a magnet for residents, businesses and visitors alike. Division Street is already very successful in many ways and we believe that it can become even more user friendly and provide more amenities to support economic and social life in Somerville.

We have designed a short survey to allow you the opportunity to voice your thoughts as we continue to assess the future of Division Street.

Thank you for your participation!

* 1. We are seeking feedback from customers, business and commercial property owners, local employees and policymakers. Please check at least one answer, and any other that applies to you.

* 2. If you are a Downtown Somerville business, have you noticed an increase in foot traffic since the completion of the Division Street Plaza improvements?

* 3. If you answered yes to question 2, by what percentage?

* 4. Have you ever walked down Division Street?

* 5. If you answered yes to question 4, when was the last time you walked down Division Street?

* 6. If you answered yes to question 4, did you visit for?

* 7. What is your overall impression of Division Street?

* 8. Overall, do you feel Division Street has improved over the last year?

* 9. What are the first words that come to mind when you think about Division Street?

* 10. Compared to your usage of Division Street before the improvements, do you visit Division Street:

* 11. If you have children, how comfortable are you in bringing them to Division Street?

* 12. Do you feel Division Street adds a unique atmosphere to Downtown Somerville?

* 13. I would visit Division Street more often if:

* 14. In planning additional programming, what are the following types of activities you would like to see on Division Street? (please check all that apply)

* 15. I prefer events that take place: (please check all that apply)

* 16. In planning additional amenities, what are the following types of amenities you would most like to see on Division Street? (please check all that apply)

* 17. What is the best way for the Downtown Somerville Alliance to keep Somerville area residents and visitors informed of events happening in Downtown Somerville and the Division Street Plaza? (please check all thatapply)

* 18. Having permanent public plaza space in my community is important to me:

* 19. In your opinion, what is the one more important investment that could be made to improve Division Street over the next 2 years?

* 20. Please use the following space to write any additional comments about your thoughts and experiences regarding Division Street.