The LDDA strives to make downtown a safe place to visit. It is a priority for Downtown Longmont to be both pedestrian and bicycle friendly. After numerous comments, one of the areas we have been considering is enacting a dismount zone. As we move forward, we would appreciate your feedback.

* 1. When you visit Downtown, how to you get there (click all that apply)?

* 2. How many times have you visited Downtown in the past 6 months?

* 3. Have you had any incidents Downtown with bicyclists (and/or skateboarders, etc.) riding on the Main St. sidewalks or in the breezeways?

* 4. If yes, how many incidents in the past 6 months?

* 5. If yes, please share examples of incidents.

* 6. Are you in support of a bicycle dismount zone Downtown along the Main St. sidewalks between 3rd and 6th Ave., and east/west from Main St. to the alleys along the breezeways and sidewalks between 3rd and 6th Ave.?

Cyclist in this dismount zone area would be directed to use either the alleys (bicycles will be allowed to ride both ways), or streets such as 4th, 5th, and 6th Ave., and Kimbark and Coffman St.

* 7. Do you believe that by adding bicycle racks on the blocks where dismounting is mandatory will help keep Downtown a bicycle friendly spot?

* 8. Would you prefer bicycle racks be located along (check all you prefer).

* 9. Are you in support of not allowing bicycles to be chained to trees, poles, or sidewalk fixtures if there are adequate bicycle racks in the area?

* 10. Do you support allowing bicycles to ride both ways in the alleys between 3rd Ave. and 6th Ave., which are currently 1-way for vehicles and bicycles?