For more than 20 years, our Dirty Dozen program has targeted candidates— regardless of party affiliation — who consistently side against the environment and are running in races in which LCV Victory Fund has a serious chance to affect the outcome. This year, we're asking our supporters to vote for who should be the first member of the 2018 Dirty Dozen!
RICK SCOTT (FL-SEN) — Scott is a climate change denier who has actually banned the words “climate change” from official Florida government communications. With Florida facing climate change head on — rising sea levels and the devastation brought by Hurricane Irma— Rick Scott is continuing to side with his Big Oil pals.

 — Heller, who has an LCV lifetime score of 11%, has consistently sided with Big Oil by voting against incentives for clean energy. He stood by Scott Pruitt and has voted FOR every single one of Trump’s environmental attacks — winning his seat is our best shot at kicking a pro-polluter senator out of office.

JIM RENACCI (OH-SEN) — With an LCV lifetime score of 3%, Renacci voted against funding to restore the Great Lakes. He continued to be a registered lobbyist while in Congress, where he voted to gut the EPA and severely weaken its ability to enforce clean air, clean water, and public health safeguards.

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Who should be the first member of the 2018 Dirty Dozen?

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