Greetings garden site leaders!

We're looking forward to another great Day in the Dirt on Saturday, April 29! Please fill in this form to sign up your garden for the event. 

Burlington-area sites:
As in past years, we will bring a team of enthusiastic volunteers to your site, along with a coordinator to help you manage the activities and support the volunteers. The volunteers work from 9am-noon, then everyone gathers at the Intervale for a celebration picnic and prizes. Thanks to Green Mountain Compost, each Burlington-area site can get up to three yards of compost. Fill in the form below to tell us about this years project, how many volunteers you would like, and what they should bring. *PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Burlington area site and have not yet talked to Jess Hyman at VCGN or a member of our UVM student team, please call Jess at 861-4769 or 598-3139 before filling out this survey. Thanks!*

Sites around the state:
We invite community and school gardens all over Vermont to hold garden work days and planning sessions on Day in the Dirt. Fill in the form below to register your site and tell us more about your plans and how people from your area can get involved. We'll add your site to the Day in the Dirt map and direct volunteers to you. (Each site is responsible for planning their own Day in the Dirt project and managing the volunteers. Feel free to call us if you need help figuring out how many people or what type of supplies you may need for your project.)

Please fill in the info below by Monday, April 3. We will be place business sponsor teams first, then open up the volunteer registration to the public.

If you manage multiple sites, please complete the survey for one site at a time.

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.

Jess Hyman
Vermont Community Garden Network
Office: 802-861-4769 - Cell: 802-598-3139

The 5th annual Day in the Dirt! is made possible thanks to more than 200 volunteers and vital support from local partners and sponsors. Teams of volunteers help get community and school gardens ready for spring planting, then celebrate with a picnic lunch and prizes. Day in the Dirt! is presented with the assistance of UVM CDAE students and in partnership with Burlington Parks Recreation & Waterfront, the Intervale Center, Green Mountain Compost, title sponsor Gardener’s Supply, and many other local businesses who sponsor teams and support the event with food, supplies, and prizes. More info is at

* 1. Garden site information

* 2. Contact information

* 3. If you will NOT be the point person on-site for Day in the Dirt (April 29), please list that person's name, email address, and cell phone number below.

* 5. How many people does your garden serve? (includes growing food, eating food, learning activities, etc.)

* 6. Please provide a short description of your garden, including what makes it special and who it serves.

* 7. What type of project(s) or activity(ies) do you have for Day in the Dirt? (Check all that apply and add any additional projects or notes in the "other" box below.)

* 8. For Burlington-area sites, VCGN will provide a team of volunteers and a volunteer coordinator. Statewide sites are responsible for planning your own work day projects and managing your volunteers.

Is your Day in the Dirt project just for your garden community, or would you like additional volunteers?