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This survey explores potential benefits of a digital media community to allow growing companies to access help and collaborate with each other backed up by University resources in IT, New Media and Business.

Universities have a lot of knowledge that could usefully be made available to growing companies. This know how needs better showcasing . Companies often have little or no idea about what Universities might know that would be useful to them.

Such an online / offline community would allow discussions based on curated knowledge in areas of general business interest such as social media, cloud computing, mobile apps and could explore topics such as where and how games technologies might have business applications.

Such a network which would also feature high profile discussions and networking opportunities would provide the context,. channels and contacts to facilitate

Knowledge transfer partnerships
Research projects
Short courses

We're interesting in finding out what might work for your business. The survey is run on behalf of a Major London University and all information will be kept confidential.

Your input will be extremely valuable.

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* 2. Which of these tools for mobile and smart working do you use?