This survey asks for your feedback after using the Digiskills Good Practice Inventory.

Your feedback supports the Digiskills project, a 3 year long European initiative for setting up a network to support ICT use in education.

If you haven't done it yet, please go to and browse through the good practices. When done, register as a user and share a good practice for teachers and trainers to use.

Question Title

* 1. Now it's time to give your feedback on the Digiskills Platform. Please rate the below issues regarding the usage of Digiskills Platform

  I strongly disagree I somewhat disagree I somewhat agree I strongly agree n/a
I found that the Platform design is user-friendly and I can easily track, navigate and find information.
I found that the Platform has a nice web-design
I think I will recommend Digiskills platform to others for searching Best Practices
I think that an information provider like DigiSkills can be helpful toward finding new ideas
I found the various functions in this Platform were well integrated
I found that the User Menu of the platform is clear and easy to use
I found that the Manuals and Helpdesk of the platform are useful and helpful.
I found that the FAQ are useful and helpful
The Discussion functionality was useful and easy to use.

Question Title

* 2. What suggestions would you make to enhance the platform and improve its capabilities?