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The DF is a Special Interest Group of the Institute for Archaeologists representing all archaeologists working out on site at whatever grade. The Diggers’ Forum is committed to creating a positive, sustainable and financially viable career for all professional archaeologists at all points in their career. Membership of the DF is open to all.

This online questionnaire is intended to gain an insight into the realities of Continuous Professional Development and training provision for fieldwork staff working within commercial archaeology in the UK. We want to find out what the real picture is in order to establish best practice and help achieve this across the board. We hope that this survey will provide valid data that can lead to informed discussion on the subject.

Please answer all questions as accurately as possible, if you have a diary or CPD log you’ll probably find this helps a lot in answering the questions, you will need to set aside a bit of time to answer the questionnaire properly, we reckon if all the questions apply to you it may take up to 45 minutes. There is opportunity to make any additional comments at the end of the survey. Paper copies of the questionnaire are available on request from The survey will be online until the end of April 2013. The results of the survey will be initially published in the Forum Dispatch, the newsletter of the Diggers’ Forum []. We will be publishing a full report on the results of the survey, along with key recommendations, copies of the previous Diggers’ Forum survey on Away work and Travel in UK Commercial Archaeology are available here [].

We will not identify the responses of anyone who takes part in the survey, although we may publish comments. No names will be associated with any responses or comments.