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* A patient who recently had an arteriovenous fistula placed in the left forearm develops steal syndrome. Which of these symptoms would the technician expect to observe in the patient’s left hand?

The correct answer is coldness.

Rationale: Steal syndrome is a problem that occurs when a fistula or graft “steals” too much blood away from the hand. The low blood flow (ischemia) causes a shortage of oxygen that can harm tissue.  Signs of steal syndrome include coldness, pain, numbness, and tingling in the affected hand.

Reference: Medical Education Institute. (2018). Core Curriculum for the Dialysis Technician, 6th ed., pp. 158, 359; Kallenbach, J. Z. (2016). Review of Hemodialysis for Nurses and Dialysis Personnel, 9th ed., p. 149.
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