Please tell us how McKinney's Development Services Division is doing and how we can do better...

* 1. Who are you?

* 2. What prompted your interaction with the Development Services Division?

* 3. What went smoothly during your interaction with us and/or where did we hit a homerun?

* 4. What was the name of the employee(s) with whom you dealt?

* 5. If you called or emailed an Development Services Division employee, did you get a call and/or email back from them within one business day?

* 6. The employee(s) I worked with completely addressed my needs in a reasonable amount of time.

* 7. The employee(s) I worked with displayed a positive attitude and wanted to help me.

* 8. The employee(s) I worked with was courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

* 9. The employee(s) I worked with provided accurate, thorough and clear information.

* 10. Resources were readily available to address my needs.

* 11. Resources on the website were useful and user-friendly.

* 12. Resources on the website were easy to find and the website was easy to navigate.

* 13. How could we have made your experience better and more productive?

* 14. If you would like to discuss your experience with us further, please provide us with your name, email address and telephone number below.