* 1. ```Project 2012 was a great success and I want to make Project 2013 even better and I need your input.

Just for taking this survey you will receive $2.00 off January's Project 2013 Mega Stash and one lucky participant will be selected by random draw to receive the Mega Prize, THREE FREE Project 2013 Mega Stash bundles, a $60.00 retail value.

Any one can participate even if you didn't purchase a Project 2012 product or any of my products for that matter. Anyone that takes the survey is eligible.

The most important thing is to be as accurate as possible when taking the survey as well as take the time to read and answer each question as accurately as you can.

You can only take the survey one time, if you take it more than once you will be disqualified.

But you can increase your chances of winning the Mega Prize by helping me getting others to participate in the survey. You can do this by

1) Like the survey on Facebook, your name will be entered 5 more times to win
2) Re-post the survey link to your Facebook wall, your name will be entered once for every friend you have on Facebook
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4) Post the survey on Linkedin and you name will be entered once for every contact you have
4) Email the survey to friends and family (no spamming) and your name will be added for every email you send
5) Post the survey to your blog and your name will be entered for every follower that you have

If you do any of the above please email me a link to your social networking page or tweeter account or cc me in any emails you send out, and remember no spamming.

Send to contest@connieprince.com

Once verified and before the drawing you your name will be entered the appropriate number of times,

I also invite you to visit my blog at www.connieprince.com and my Facebook page www.facebook.com/DesignsByConniePrince

* 2. What week of the month would you like for Project 2013 to be released?

* 3. If you purchase a Project 2012 Mega Stash from Designs By Connie Prince what months did you purchase? Or click I Did Not Purchase a Project 2012 Mega Stash

* 4. If you purchased a Project 2012 Mega Stash on a scale of 1 to 5 rank the addons that you used the most? If you did not purchase a mega stash please mark 0

  0 1 2 3 4 5
Mega Alpha
Word Art
Border Clusters
Predecorated Paper
Date Tags

* 5. Other that as part of a bundle how many times did you purchase a word art addon?

* 6. Other than purchasing as part of a bundle and excluding word art what addon that purchase most frequently.

* 7. How important is it that the Project 2013 Mega Stash Colors match from month to month?

* 8. What percentage of your purchases are bundles?

* 9. How many freebies do you download a year?

* 10. In addition to digital scrapbooking do you also paper scrapbook?

* 11. What Stores have you purchased my products from in the past? Chose all that apply

* 12. What software do you use for layouts?

* 13. On a scale of 1 (easy) to 5 (very hard) rate hard it is your software to use?

* 14. From Any Designer How Many Digital Layouts Do You Print Out Or Have Printed In 2012?

* 15. If you printed out any digital designs, (layouts, cards calendars etc) what percentage did you print at home or your place of work and what percentage did you have professionally printed?

* 16. How much did you spend having your digital products printed at the printer?

* 17. In your mind what is a better value?

* 18. Do you regularly purchase template packs?

* 19. How many digital scrapbooking kits do you purchase a month?

* 20. How Many Hours Per Month Do You Scarp digitally?

* 21. How many hours per month do you paper scrapbook?

* 22. What Percent do you digitally scrapbook and Paper Scrapbook

* 23. On average what do you pay for a digital scrapbooking kit?

* 24. Where did link to the survey from?

* 25. Enter any comments you would like to make

* 26. Please Enter You Name And Email Address So You Can Receive Your Coupon And Be Entered Into The Drawing?