Our Local Central Iowa Sweetheart Program

The American Heart Association Sweethearts are high school juniors and seniors who actively participate in a program designed to teach them about heart healthy lifestyles and the prevention of heart disease through education and volunteerism. Through the Sweetheart program, these young ladies learn that heart disease is the number one killer of women.

During their tenure as Sweethearts, they focus on the goals of the American Heart Association and how to implement them on a daily basis in their lives. Each month, the Sweethearts participate in both educational programs and volunteerism with the assistance of many local sponsors and the American Heart Association.

In addition to these requirements and equally as important, Sweethearts are interested in learning about their community, volunteering their time, making lifelong friends, and learning about “heart” health. They serve as representatives of their families, schools, peers, and the American Heart Association and as models for good behavior, ethics, and moral standards.

As a fundraiser for the American Heart Association Des Moines Heart Ball, Sweethearts will help fundraise throughout the course of the program. While Sweethearts, they also earn community service/education hours each centered around learning more about becoming advocates for heart health in their generation.

Sweethearts are invited and selected on a first-come, first-serve basis. Young ladies entering their junior or senior year who are interested in becoming participants in the Sweetheart program should contact the American Heart Association at 515-265-4567 or email heather.schmidt@heart.org.

* 1. Please tell us about you

* 2. a little more about you....

* 3. How did you hear about the Sweetheart Program?

* 4. Scholastic/Career Ambition:

* 5. Scholastic Honors:

* 6. Leadership Roles:

* 7. Community Involvement:

* 8. Interesting Facts:

* 9. Employment:

* 10. What are your expectations of the Sweetheart program and why do you want to participate?

* 11. Please list 3 references (name, title, phone number & e-mail):

Sweetheart Waiver

1. I understand that as a Sweetheart, it’s my duty to represent the American Heart Association (AHA), the AHA Sponsors, the AHA volunteers, and the AHA staff in a positive and professional manner at all times.

2. I will be respectful to myself and others while I participate in this program.

3. Because this is a leadership program, I understand that if I am disrespectful to myself and/or others and in turn am no longer being a positive role model during my tenure as an AHA Sweetheart, the AHA Staff/Sweetheart Volunteers have the right to give me a warning. If the disrespect continues, I understand that I will be asked to leave the program. Each instance will be handled on a case by case basis.

4. I will do my best to give the AHA Sweetheart Program my all and make every attempt to attend all Sweetheart Events.

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