* 1. Respondent Information

* 2. Oral Infant/Child Hygiene Practices prior to the age of two years should include all of the following, except:

* 3. Identify and Check below, four risk factors for Childhood Tooth Decay

* 4. Circle the best multiple choice answer:
A. The Healthy People 2020 objectives that relate directly to oral health are:
B. Prevent and control dental caries across the life stages.
C. Increase the proportion of children, adolescents and adults who use the oral health care system in the last year.
D. Do not worry about dental carries, as infants will lose those teeth as they grow older.
E. Eliminate disparities in oral health.

* 5. The warning signs of periodontal disease include all listed below:
·Tender or swollen gums
·Gums that bleed easily when brushing or flossing
·Bad breath
·Receding gums

* 6. Good Oral Health prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy may prevent complications of dental diseases and may reduce preterm and low birth weight deliveries.

* 7. Anticipatory guidance education should include all of the following Except: