The City of Defiance is in the process of creating a Community Strategic Plan to unite the community through learning, service, and culture. Housing is one of the pillars within the Plan, with the goal of providing a variety of housing options to meet the needs and interests of all current and future residents. This survey is designed to gather feedback from residents on current housing conditions and needs for the future.

* 1. Are you a City of Defiance resident?

* 2. Select the type of housing that best describes your primary residence:

* 3. For your primary residence, do you currently rent or own? Select one.

* 4. What should be the City's top priorities for housing? Select all that apply.

* 5. If you were to consider moving soon, what type of housing would you likely choose? Select one.

* 6. Which of the following facilities and/or amenities would make Defiance a better place to live? Select all that apply.

* 7. Which best reflects the price range for housing you might seek in the next 10 years? Select one.

* 8. Do you have plans for any home improvement projects? If yes, select all that apply and please explain.

* 9. What is your age? Select one. 

* 10. What is your current address?

* 11. Are you interested in “flipping” and/or becoming a landlord?

* 12. Additional comments:

* 13. If you would like to be entered to win a $25 Chief Gift Card, please provide your name and email address. The winner will be chosen randomly out of the submissions at the close of the survey.